A&L Care Plan


Emissions can cause sleepiness? Discover our Care Plan! The only maintenance and monitoring service specifically conceived for your needs!

A&L Care Plan is a maintenance and monitoring service developed for private or public customers, who have to manage air treatment plants. Since air treatment management is a complex task (even if air treatment train is very simple), you have to involve qualified skills for obtaining desired results (i.e., an odorless emission and pollutants within the limits foreseen). A&L Care Plan is specially developed for allowing the opportunity to the owner’s/manager’s plant to focus on its core business; in fact, the maintenance and control program is tailor-made on the plant’s authorization and on the maintenance needs of the air treatment plant (including fans).

Thanks to the experience acquired for over 15 years in the O&M air treatment plants, A&L can ensure an efficient and qualified service. Our professional skills are tested, not only in Italy but also in several European countries. References are several, (you can find maintenance services for over 300 sites), but we are particularly proud of positive feedbacks received by our customers through the years.

Subscribing the A&L Care Plan, you will have an efficient air treatment plant through the year. In fact, the purposes of the Care Plan are checking, testing and measuring several data that once analyzed, are useful for planning interventions and for limiting shutdowns due to unexpected breakdowns of equipment.

At the end of each intervention, the A&L Engineering team draws up a report in which the results obtained are reported and discussed; moreover, (if necessary) management advices and corrective actions useful for obtaining the best performances as possible as we can by your air treatment plants will be reported.

The help desk completes our service; in fact, during the A&L Care Plan, you will be supported by our team of A&L Engineers (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).


Main activities performed during the A&L Care Plan are:

  • chemical-physical analysis in order to evaluate the performances of the air treatment plants
  • comparison between measured data with design parameters
  • chemicals optimization
  • energy consumption monitoring
  • check of measurement probes
  • specific maintenance program for electro-mechanical equipment related to air treatment (including fans).

Advantages deriving from Care Plan:

  • resources optimization (both technical and economical)
  • data and performance trend analysis of equipment through the years
  • constant air treatment and equipment monitoring
  • no shutdowns due to unexpected equipment’s breakdown
  • scheduled out of service during years
  • qualified support.