In biofiltration systems the so-called grid system (i.e., biofilter raised flooring) plays two fundamental roles: 1) supporting the filtering material and 2) guarantying the uniform diffusion of polluted air within the biofilter.

To date, Arte e Lavoro sells, in an exclusive way, the only grid system designed – and not adapted! – for biofiltration systems: its name is PURE GRID.

Thanks to the high quantity of openings and their spatial arrangement, PURE GRID is able to achieve a homogeneous and regular diffusion of the polluted air within the filter bed; moreover, the falling of the finer filter mass in the plenum is reduced.

The PURE GRID is an easy to assemble modular system that can be posed with a variable number of supports, the so-called feet (ranging from 4 to 5 for each grid), depending on the load that has to be supported to.

Having been made specifically for biofiltration systems, PURE GRID is able to endure the “strong” operating conditions typical of the waste plants and WWTPs; i.e., warm and humid polluted air containing aggressive compounds.

The constant attention of Arte e Lavoro towards the environment is also testified by this product which is made (partially) with recycled materials; this limiting the production of harmful greenhouse gas emissions (GHGS) during the manufacturing.

PURE GRID can be used for any type of filter material (e.g., compost, bark, shredded twigs, peat, roots and zeolite).

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In order to meet the needs of plant’s manager, recently, it has been developed an alternative type of biofilter raised flooring: its name is CROSS GRID was recently (fare link). As for the PURE GRID, the requirement is obtaining a uniform diffusion of the polluted air within the filter media, especially in beds realized with “innovative” high specific weight materials such as, for instance, zeolites and peat. Thanks to the high quantity of openings (over 600 holes for each grid!) and their particular geometry (square or rectangular section hole), CROSS GRID is able to (a) achieve a homogeneous and regular diffusion of the polluted air inside the biofilter bed, (b) minimize the fall of the finer filter mass within the plenum and (c) minimize the pressure drops. Moreover,

CROSS GRID is able to support a uniformly distributed load of 3,000 kg / m2 with 9 supports (i.e., feet) for each square meter.

Both the PURE GRID and the CROSS GRID are modular systems that are easy to assemble and maintain and are made of fiber glass reinforced polypropylene.

More details are available in the technical data sheet

Strengths of biofilter raised flooring proposed by Arte e Lavoro:

  • Modular system
  • Optimal distribution of polluted air within both the filtering material and the plenum
  • Ease of assembly
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of the plenum
  • Collection of leachates without affecting the functionality of the biofilter.