A&L Engineering


A&L Engineering can be your perfect partner for dealing with worldwide waste paradigm shift.

In these years we are witness in a paradigm shift in the waste management; hence waste treatment plant managers and designers are faced increasingly complex challenges. As a result, more and more specialized professional figures are called to manage, in an increasingly integrated way (holistic approach), the problems concerning the waste treatment cycle which, in some cases, can be classified as wicked problems for the intrinsic complexity they have.

At this aim, in 2018 Arte e Lavoro (A&L) constitutes a specialized division called A&L engineering. The mission of A&L Engineering is to support its customers in managing problems related (mainly) to the deodorization, so as to find the right balance between industrialization and social harmony, employment, employee and employability, promoting a sustainable economic development. To this extent, we seek to contribute with success to an eco-sustainable development.

Thanks to its professional team and to qualified partnerships, A&L engineering can relate with all figures involved in the management of emissions, such as Authorities, EPC contractors, contractors, plant’s owners/managers and stakeholders.

A&L Engineering is independent, therefore is free to supply its knowledge to the companies where the know-how is not internally available.

A&L Engineering can support in:

  • air and wastes treatment plants optimization
  • design of polluted air treatment plants
  • preliminary design of solid wastes and wastewater treatment plants (civil and industrial)
  • preliminary design of potabilization plants
  • management support for contaminated air treatment and wastewater (civil and industrial) plants, solid wastes and biomass plants;
  • professional training workers that have to manage air and wastes treatment plants
  • applied research useful for plants implementation, plant design and development of new stages or for energy/chemicals optimization
  • implementation of olfactometric analysis (according to the EN 13725:2022)
  • pollution diffusion models
  • feasibility studies
  • Decision making support (DMS): we can support the Client during the decision-making process which is realized by means of a Costs-benefits analysis (CBA) and/or a techno-economic analysis (TEA). The aim is of finding the best (for the Client’s context) air treatment system.