Arte e Lavoro S.r.l

Who belongs to Arte e Lavoro (also known as A&L) feel the need to reconcile profit with serenity, without neglecting the importance of implementing all the policies useful to deliver clean air to future generations.

We want to spread our technologies around the world and manage they in a responsible way so as to satisfy both the customers needs and social harmony. We believe in the human dimensions of the relations, in the insight and in the ability of courageously grasp opportunities.

We’re extremely focused on the satisfaction of our customers’; at this aim, we support our clients in all design stages but also with a qualified managing consulting activity and maintenance interventions.

Several factors have allowed us to establish among the most esteemed companies in Italy in the deodorization sector; however, we seek that the determining factors of our success are the daily commitment of our staff to improve the quality of our services (that can be considered as a Kaizen process) and cutting-edge products that we can offer to our clients

Our products



Headquarter – Administrative Office
Arte e Lavoro Srl
via Bottarone, 69
I-27040 Verrua Po (PV)
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Tel: 0383-190.3208

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