The choice of the parameters to be acquired and the number of probes to be installed (as well as their positions and data acquisition frequency) depend on the complexity of the air treatment train and the importance that the measured parameters assume in the management of the plant (e.g., in order to the regulatory constraints imposed or regarding safety standards).

Generally, in odour removal field, safety issues are not involved, therefore, monitoring system should be able to acquire the following parameters:

  • temperature and humidity of the filter bed
  • pH of the leachate produced by the biofilter
  • air flow fed to the biofilter
  • pressure drops along ducts
  • temperature and humidity of the air fed to the biofilter

These aforementioned parameters can be acquired spot or continuously.

Thanks to important collaborations with leading companies operating in the sector, Arte e Lavoro is able to offer a monitoring system suited to your needs. Monitoring systems proposed can be managed both through special software or interfaced with the existing SCADA system in the plant.

If of interest, Arte e Lavoro can also provide a weather station with web service and a program which is able to predict the direction of the odour’s plume and its fallout around the plant. The calculation is performed on an hourly basis and the result presents the average value calculated over the entire selected period. Furthermore, if the olfactometric emission data are available, it is possible to define a peak value (Peak To Mean Ratio). By adopting this solution, the plant’s manager is able to quickly take appropriate corrective actions in the event that its plant it is not operating as expected.